At Parkview, you will feel relaxed and content. You can have the pleasure of playing the “Games People Play”!

A cross-industrial collaboration between the Parkview Hotel and Gamania has given birth to Gama-Island, an island full of joyful energy!

Being the first in creating a game space for “Autonomous Experienced Style” interaction, Gama-Island consists of a Gama Play Zone where you have access to several classic Gamania games, a Gama Food Court where you are able to rejuvenate your energy with immediate refreshments, and a Gama shop where you are able to negotiate for discounts and shop till you drop! In here, “happiness” is the only theme, so let loose and let Gama-Island’s infectious joy and energy completely take over your senses!


12/6-12/8快閃三日 限時搶訂(每日限量3間 贈品券不適用)