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OBT advocates the spirit of “Experiential Learning”, and emphasizes the first-hand method of “learning by doing”. With various new courses as the medium for adventure, we believe that customized options made for each individual will lead you into a brand new domain of adventure, through which you could experience your own self, being part of a team, and even a new connection between parents and child!

‧TA Corporate Training & the High and Low Altitude Rope Challenge (1-3 days)
‧Mountaineering (2-20 days)
‧River Trekking (1-3 days)
‧Leave-No-Trace Camping (3 days)
‧Cross Country Challenge (1-2 days)
‧Ropes Handling & Rescue (5-10days)
‧High-Risk Student Course (2-20 days)
‧Instructor Training (1-30 days)
‧Public Courses (2-7 days)
‧Overseas Expedition Course (5-14 days)

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