Pet Home Stay

The pet center provides Parkview Hotel room guests, or restaurant guests, complimentary lodgings for their pets while staying at the hotel or during their meals at the hotel.

‧  Water will be provided during your pet’s period of stay. Please prepare food and snacks for your pets or purchase them from hotel store.

‧  Hotel is only responsible for providing accommodations for your pet. Hotel is not to be held responsible for any problems that may arise during or after your pet’s stay.

‧  To protect the health of other pets, any pets with skin diseases and infectious diseases of any kind will not be accepted into the pet center. All pets must have completed their annual immunization shots or they cannot be placed at the pet center. Pets which have received annual immunization shots within 7 days of arriving at the Parkview Hotel still have relatively weak immune-systems and are, thus, advised against staying at the pet center.

‧  Under certain circumstances which have lead to the refusal of entry of guests’ pet(s), the Parkview Hotel has the authority to refuse accommodation of said owner(s).

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